COVID-19 Mitigation Requirements for Events

On December 3, 2020, Executive Order 2020-59, Further Mitigation Requirements for Events, was issued by Governor Ducey.  Pursuant to this order, organized public events of more than 50 people are prohibited within the City of Litchfield Park unless the City has determined that adequate safety precautions are in place for the event.   These precautions must be documented and must be consistent with the guidance issued by both the CDC and ADHS for mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

In addition to the standard Special Event Permit Application, your proposed safety precautions must be submitted as “Attachment ‘F’: COVID-19 Protocol” to your Special Event Permit Application.  Your COVID-19 Protocol should address the following topics:

  1. Event Staff and Vendor Health Check Plan
  2. Social Distancing & Que Line Plan
  3. Handwashing/Hand Sanitizing Plan
  4. Surface Cleaning & Disinfection Plan
  5. COVID-19 Safety Signage & Messages (include samples)

The City of Litchfield Park reserves the right to deny a request for an organized public event due to public health concerns related to COVID-19.  Any approval may be subject to certain conditions or restrictions consistent with Governor Ducey’s Executive Order 2020-59, Further Mitigation Requirements for Events.  Such restrictions will not inhibit a person from engaging in constitutionally protected activities such as speech and religion.