Lifeguard Training

American Red Cross Lifeguard Training

This class is offered in March, April and September every year for a total of three separate sessions. Participant must be 15 years old to enroll in the session. The first day of the session, the participant will need to pass a 300-yard swim, a timed swim and brick retrieval from a 10-foot deck, and a no-hands tread in deep water for two minutes. If the enrollee fails the prerequisites test, they will not be allowed to complete the course.

Each class is split up between two weekends and attendance is mandatory. The course totals 30 hours in length, and upon completion the participant will receive a two-year certification in Lifeguarding/CPR/AED/First Aid by the American Red Cross. After receiving your certification you are eligible to apply for any lifeguard position. An on-site hiring event will be held on the last Sunday of the course.

All classes are held at the Litchfield Park Recreation Center Pool, 100 S. Old Litchfield Rd., Litchfield Park, AZ 85340. All program details and are published online and participants can register online or in the LPRC office.

Guard Start

This is an introduction to lifeguarding skills without certification. Students must be able to swim front crawl for 25 yards continuously, tread water for one minute and swim a distance of ten feet under water.

This class is for 11 to 14 year olds and is usually taught as part of our summer class program. Program details are published online > Aquatics - Youth. Type "lifeguard" into the search box to find our Guard Start classes.