Residential Drawing Submittal Package

Building code compliance is the obligation of the design professional(s) and the building contractor. This plan review guideline is to be used to ensure that the drawing submittal package is complete, so that the City’s plan review process can start. For specific plan review items that must be shown and/or noted on the drawings, refer to the Residential Plan Review Checklist.

A. Site Plan

(Two (2) copies of the site plan)
Refer to the site plan for required information.

B. Building Construction Plans

(Two (2) copies of the building construction plans):

  • Drawn to scale with all appropriate dimensions shown.
  • Plans shall include (at minimum): Foundation plan, floor plan, four (4) building elevations, wall/roof section detail(s), an interior section(s), a floor framing plan, a roof framing plan and a foundation section detail(s). For additions and remodels, partial plan sets may suffice, provided all proposed construction is properly shown and noted. If demolition is part of the proposed work, a demolition plan and City demolition permit is required.

C. Gravity and Lateral Loading Analysis: Stamped and Signed

(Two (2) copies)

***Please note: If the building and/or structure design does not meet the prescribed requirements of the building code (including required “braced wall lines” and “braced wall panels”), an engineered design, along with structural calculations will be required. The calculations must bear the signed seal (registered in Arizona) of the preparer (architect or engineer of record). An engineered design must consider: minimum wind speed of 90 mph with a minimum "wind exposure category C”, along with a minimum “seismic design category B."

D. Soils Report

If requested by the City's Building Official.

E. Electrical Plan

(Two (2) copies)

  • Electrical load calculation.
  • Electrical service distribution panel (including sub panel) size, circuit layout, breaker amperage rating, conductor size and panel location.
  • Location and labeling of all interior and exterior electrical devices (including ground-fault and arc-fault circuit-interrupter protected outlets).
  • Location and labeling of all smoke alarms/carbon monoxide alarms. (See smoke alarms).
  • Location and labeling of all mechanical equipment disconnects and service outlets.

F. Plumbing Plan

(Two (2) copies)

  • Plumbing layout, including water supply and DWV piping, cleanouts and fixture locations.
  • DWV isometric drawings.
  • Gas line layout (including appliance(s) rating in BTU/hr., gas line size and length).

G. Mechanical Plan

(Two (2) copies)

  • HVAC ductwork layout, including sizing and location of all supply and return ducts.
  • HVAC equipment size (including SEER rating) and location.
  • Access opening location/size to attic installed HVAC equipment, including location/size of access catwalk, as well as location of attic service lighting, equipment disconnect, service outlet and location/size of required condensation lines.

H. Sprinkler System Design

***Please note: Drawing submittal requirements, along with plan review procedures and inspection procedures are as established by the City of Goodyear's Fire Service. For information or to schedule and inspection, please call (623) 932-3494.