Miscellaneous Final

The residential inspection checklist for (final) miscellaneous includes:

  • Safety ("tempered") labeled glazing: glazing within 24-inch (arc radius) of doors; glazed door panels; fixed and sliding glazed door panels of sliding door assemblies; glazing within 60 inches (measured vertical) of any standing/walking surface and within 60 inches (measured horizontal) of shower/tub enclosures; glazing adjacent to stairways/stairway landings; glazing within 18 inches of finished floor/walking surface, Section R308.4, and City amended R308.4.5, I.R.C. ***Please note: The safety ("tempered") glazing designation must be permanently etched or embossed and visible for inspection, Section R308.1, I.R.C.
  • Water closet base at finish floor must be caulked or grouted in place.
  • Dishwasher waste loop must be installed per manufacturer's instructions.
  • EPA approved solid fuel burning appliances installed per manufacturer's specification and listing
  • Fireplace gas log shutoff valve (S.O.V.) readily accessible, per manufacturer's specification and listing, and section G2420, I.R.C.
  • Exterior termination of direct vent appliances per manufacturer's specifications and listing.
  • Exterior yard debris removed, City Code.
  • Driveways and walkways in place, City Zoning Code.
  • Visible cleanout plug covers on exterior walls, two-way sanitary waste cleanout plugs, sections P3005.2.3 and P3005.2.5., I.R.C.
  • Coverplate/lid secured on resident's water shutoff valve box, City policy.
  • All mechanical equipment in operational condition.
  • Verify the following inspections and clearance certifications: City of Goodyear (fire service) final approval of installed sprinkler system, clearance tags for electrical/gas, gas meter installed, special inspection reports/documents (post-tension slab, epoxied holdowns, "integra" block, etc.) and "energy certification" posted and/or available on-site.