Site Plan


The following items must be shown and/or noted on the "site plan:"
  • Street address and/or lot number
  • Legal description
  • Zoning district per City's Zoning Code ***Please Note: Formal plats such as "Village at Litchfield Park (phase 1 and 2)," "Litchfield Greens" and "Litchfield Park Subdivision 4-B" have specific zoning regulations that may differ from the general zoning district regulations found in the City's Zoning Code.
  • North arrow
  • Property lines identified and dimensioned
  • Required "building setback lines" (BSBL) shown and dimensioned
  • All adjacent streets and alleys identified
  • Recorded easements identified and dimensioned
***Please Note: Building structures, including below grade pools and spas may not encroach into any recorded access and/or utility easement. It shall be the responsibility of the permit applicant to investigate the latest site documents to ensure compliance and provide a copy to the City.

  • Building perimeters of all new and/or existing primary and accessory buildings/structures. ***Please Note: Building additions must be properly labeled and/or graphically identified to distinguish between new and existing construction.
  • Driveways, fences and hard-surfaced walkways
  • Maximum allowed lot coverage, along with actual lot coverage and the percentage of lot coverage (lot coverage calculation). ***Please Note: All roof covered areas, such as covered balconies, covered entryways, covered walkways, covered patios, as well as covered accessory structures, must be included in the lot coverage calculation, reference "lot coverage" in the City's Zoning Code.
  • Proposed number of stories
  • Location of all ground-mounted pool and HVAC equipment. ***Please Note: City requires a minimum 36 inch wide (fire dept. access/rescue) path adjacent to all ground-mounted equipment located within the rear and side yard building setbacks, unless otherwise approved in advance, by the Building Official.