Safety (Tempered) Glazing Locations

Safety ("tempered") glazing must be used in the following hazardous locations:

  • Adjacent to and within a 24-inch arc of doors (section R308.4.2, I.R.C. see exceptions).
  • Adjacent to stairway/ramp landings (sections R308.4.6 and R308.4.7, I.R.C., see exceptions).
  • Glazing in guards and railings (section R308.4.4, I.R.C.).
  • Adjacent to stairways and ramps (section R308.4.6, I.R.C., see exceptions).
  • Where the bottom edge is within eighteen (18) inches of the floor/walking surface and the glazed pane is over nine (9) square feet in exposed area and the top edge is more than 36 inches above the floor (section R308.4.3, I.R.C. see exceptions).
  • At or within 60 inches, measured horizontally and in a straight line, from the water's edge of a bathtub, hot tub, spa, whirlpool, swimming pool or edge of the shower pan (section R308.4.5, I.R.C.).

**Please note:

If the bottom edge of the glazing noted above is 60 inches or more measured vertically above the standing or walking surface, safety ("tempered") glazing is not required.