The following items must be shown, detailed and/or noted:

  • Natural or mechanical ventilation (section R303.3, I.R.C.)

***Please note: Ventilation air from a bathroom shall be exhausted directly to the outside. The outside exhaust opening shall be located so as not to create a nuisance and shall not be directed onto walkways, reference sections R303.3 (see exception) and M1507, I.R.C.

  • Fixture clearances, reference section R307

  • Safety (tempered) glazing within tub and shower enclosures, reference City amended section R308.4.5, I.R.C.

  • Water-resistant gypsum backing board (behind the nonabsorbent finish material) in a shower or tub compartment, reference section R702.3.8, I.R.C.

*** Please note: “Green board” may not be used as a backing board in a shower or tub compartment, unless specifically listed and labeled as both moisture and mold resistant, reference section R702.4, I.R.C.