The following items must be shown, detailed and/or noted:

  • Fire separation, garage/residence door and penetrations, reference sections R302.6 and R302.5, I.R.C.

***Please Note: The City has amended this section requiring a minimum 5/8-inch Type x gypsum board on all common (warm) walls, bearing walls/supports and on the ceiling. In addition, the City (by amendment) requires the garage/residence door to be self-closing and self-latching.

  • Garage floor shall slope towards the main vehicle entry doorway or an approved drain, reference section R309.2, I.R.C.

  • Appliance platforms, reference sections M1307.3 and G2408.2, I.R.C.

  • Appliance impact protection, reference section M1307.3.1, I.R.C.

  • Automatic garage door openers shall be listed in accordance with UL 325 with installed door obstruction sensors, reference section R309.4, I.R.C.

  • Combination (water heater) pressure- and temperature-relief valve, reference City amended section P2803.6.1, I.R.C.

  • Gas appliance combustion, ventilation and dilution air openings reference section G2407, I.R.C.

***Please note: Requires a minimum of two permanent openings, one commencing within twelve (12) inches of the garage ceiling and one (1) commencing with twelve (12) inches of the garage floor, sized in compliance with section G2407, I.R.C.