Exterior Elevations

The following items must be shown, detailed and/or noted on the “exterior elevations”.

Must be drawn to scale.

Must match the “site plan” and “floor plan(s)” regarding the exterior configuration.

Label elevations (example: “front”, “rear”, “right side”, “left side”).

Building height per City “Zoning Code.”

***Please Note: There are two different "building height" definitions that are codified by the City, one taken from the International Residential Code and one from the City’s Zoning Code. Since the City’s Zoning Code definition is the most restrictive, it is the definition that will be enforced.

“building height”: The vertical distance of a building measured from the lowest grade adjacent to the building to the highest point of the roof, fascia, or parapet.

Roof Slope (section R905, I.R.C.).

Roof materials (including fascia board size) specified (section R905, I.R.C.).

Wall finishes (including popouts, window/door trim outs, brick and/or stone veneer) (section R703, I.R.C.).

Stucco wall termination (weep screed) delineated adjacent to grade (section R703.6.2.1, I.R.C.).

Operable window(s) delineation (section R303, I.R.C.).

Chimney termination above the roof (section R1003.9, I.R.C.).