Recycling Compact Fluorescent Lights, Fluores


Lowe’s at 13191 W. McDowell Rd. in Goodyear offers recycling of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). They do not accept fluorescent tubes. If an individual wants to recycle CFLs, they simply need to take them to Lowe,s and a recycling bin is available just inside the main entrance. Each bulb must be placed into a plastic bag; one bulb to a bag. Bags are provided by the store. Lowe’s also offers recycling for rechargeable batteries.

Home Depot

Home Depot at 1489 N. Dysart Rd. in Avondale offers compact fluorescent light bulbs, (CFLs), recycling and fluorescent tube recycling. The recycling area is just inside of the main entrance at the service desk. The store provides plastic bags for recycling CFLs and rechargeable batteries. Containers are provided by the store for recycling fluorescent tubes. The store also accepts cell phones for recycling.