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Aug 27

August 26 Storm Damage and Cleanup

Posted on August 27, 2013 at 3:08 PM by City Staff

The storm that moved through the City Monday evening, August 26th, left considerable damage to City property, the Wigwam and personal properties throughout the City.

Turtle Park and Camelback Park lost several large trees that were toppled over from the wind.  Trees were lost in several medians and sidewalks were broken and walls damaged as a result.  It is estimated that the City lost forty to fifty trees in our parks and rights-of-way.

Downed trees at Turtle Park

Turtle Park Damage

Goal Post at Turtle Park

City crews, aided by a contract tree service, worked last evening and into the morning clearing streets of large fallen trees that made the streets impassable.  The crews continue to work throughout the City to clear up any unsafe situations caused by the storm.  A mason contractor has been working within the City to rebuild and repair any broken walls.  The immediate plan is to clear the parks of debris and to assist our residents in removing green waste from their properties.  The cleanup is ongoing and will take several days. 

Block wall damage on Litchfield Road, just north of Wigwam Boulevard

Same location, different view

A long-range plan to landscape or replant trees in our parks and rights-of-way will be developed in the near future.

The Wigwam Patriot and Gold Golf Courses lost an estimated fifty to sixty large trees that were blown over and uprooted by the wind, and an untold number of trees suffered broken limbs or were broken  to pieces by the wind. 

Citizen property damage has not been estimated but it ranges from downed trees to broken limbs and damage to roof tops and fences caused by tree damage.

To assist Litchfield Park residents with the cleanup of their personal property, City crews will be providing curbside green waste removal.  Our goal is to begin this process as soon as we are able.  No exact time or date has been determined.  Residents are encouraged to gather their green waste and place it on the curb as soon as quickly as possible.

A tree chipping crew will be around the City for a few days to chip up and remove residents’ green waste brought to the curb.  No large stumps, building materials, or anything other than tree limbs and green waste will be picked up.  The City will not access personal property to remove tree trunks or oversized limbs, we only will remove green waste brought to the curb.