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Sep 20

City Managers September Report to Council

Posted on September 20, 2013 at 1:51 PM by City Staff

Pedestrian Underpass

The Pedestrian Underpass Project is in its final phase of construction.  With just about 90% of the project completed to date, the final finishing touches are currently underway.

One of the largest, and most complicated, phases remaining is the pavement resurfacing on Litchfield Road.  ADOT anticipates that preparation (or milling) of the pavement will be on Friday, September 20, 2013.  The milling operation, which strips off the existing pavement surface, will cause some traffic delays but not require any closure of the intersection.

However, the paving replacement scheduled for Saturday, September 21, 2013, will require the closure of Wigwam Boulevard during the placement of the asphalt surface, with detours along Old Litchfield Road.  ADOT has advised us that the construction plan is to maintain one lane of traffic along Litchfield Road during the paving phase.  ADOT will post an advance construction schedule on message boards and prepare a public notice for distribution.

At this time, ADOT expects that the underpass construction project will be completed by mid-October.  We will schedule a “ribbon cutting” ceremony in October or November.

Wind/Storm Damages

The storms on Monday, August 26, 2013, and Wednesday, August 28, 2013, caused severe damage to the mature trees in our community.

Approximately 40 trees sustained broken limbs in the City rights-of-way.  A total of 67 trees were completely damaged or uprooted during the storms; 51 trees on August 26 and 16 trees on August 28.  In Turtle Park alone, 11 trees were lost, which has drastically changed the landscape and beauty of the park.

Other statistics and approximate costs related to the cleanup efforts by the City due to the storms include:

·         Regular man-hours------------------------- 722

·         Overtime man-hours------------------------- 43

·         Fuel (gallons)

}  Unleaded------------------------------ 317

}  Diesel---------------------------------- 108

·         Tree service contractor---------------- $ 19,200

·         Sidewalk and wall repairs------------- $ 17,900

·         Playground shade structure------------ $ 6,200

·         Dump fees------------------------------- $ 2,170

·         Equipment rental------------------------ $ 8,000

We are pursuing reimbursement for the loss of trees and other related expenses from our insurance company.  Additionally, I am researching the availability of other funding sources for the costs incurred from the storm damage.

Although the loss of any tree is significant to our public grounds, the loss of the mature trees (25-30 feet in height) cannot be measured.  Mature trees cannot be replaced like-for-like; the most suitable large tree available is a 36 inch box tree, which is about 12-16 feet in height. Once we determine the full extent of the damage, and finalize cost reimbursements, we will begin the process of developing a plan to replace trees in our parks and other public areas.  With the assistance of our Staff, the Recreation and Public Grounds Commission will develop a proposed tree planting plan to address the sustained damage to the landscape.  The plan will be restricted by the insurance coverage and our budget.  However, we are confident that a satisfactory plan can be developed, even if it is a several year implementation plan.  We will keep the Mayor and Council updated on said progress.

Waste Management Rate Increase

In accordance with our contract with Waste Management, Inc., we have received advanced notice of a rate increase for refuse and recycling collection services effective November 1, 2013, as follows:

                             Old Rate               New Rate             % Increase

Refuse & Recycling               $24.86                    $25.24                     1.54%
*Refuse Only                       $23.83                     $24.19                    1.54%

* Only applies to “grandfathered” customers who opted out of recycling in 2008.

            The rate increase was calculated in conformance with the “Method of Calculation” formula in the contract, which utilizes the Consumer Price Index; and verified as to its accuracy by our Finance Director Ben Ronquillo.  In accordance with the contract, Waste Management will provide a notice by mail to all residents.

Waste Management Recycling Options

In a response to inquiries and desires by our residents, Waste Management also will offer a few new options for recycling:

1.    Residents can purchase an additional 35-gallon toter for a one-time charge of $35.00.

2.    Residents can request the larger 96-gallon toter for a one-time charge of $55.00.

3.    Residents can request the larger 96-gallon toter for an additional $2.50 per month; however, this option only is valid until December 1, 2013.

            As for Options 2 and 3, the smaller 35-gallon toter will be removed from the residence.

            I believe that these new options for recycling may increase our participation in the collection of reusable materials by providing larger toters for these residents with larger households.

            We will continue to educate our residents on the benefits of recycling, with the goal to encourage a higher rate of participation in the program.