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Oct 18

City Manager's October 2013 Report to Council

Posted on October 18, 2013 at 3:14 PM by City Staff

Economic Development Director

We currently are seeking applications for the part-time position of Economic Development Director for the City of Litchfield Park.  The deadline for applications is Friday, October 25, 2013.  The Economic Development Director will be responsible for planning, coordinating and managing economic development programs, including business attraction, business retention/expansion, and marketing and communication activities to promote the business climate and maximizing sales tax revenue potential.

It is expected that interviews will be conducted in early November and that a candidate will be selected later that month.

Intergovernmental Affairs Coordinator

With the recent retirement of an Administrative Assistant from our City Clerk Department staff, we are in the process of redistributing the workload of the vacated position.  As part of the process, it became clear that we could no longer ask a member of our full-time staff to provide the services of an intergovernmental representative, and expect that said representation would be sufficient for our needs.

The adjustments of the workload has created an opportunity for Litchfield Park to partner with the Town of Youngtown and the Town of Wickenburg to hire an Intergovernmental Affairs Coordinator, which would provide representation for each small municipality at the state legislative bodies, congressional delegation, the Governor’s Office and MAG.  Some of the tasks affiliated with this position are:

·         Reviews and researches proposed public policies affecting the municipality, including state and federal legislation.

·         Recommends policy and administrative positions on proposed legislation.

·         Represents the municipality and lobbies on its behalf at the state legislature and with the congressional delegation.

·         Reviews and researches issues relating to MAG.

·         Coordinates staff member participation on MAG Committees.

·         Meets with City/Town Manager to discuss issues and objectives of each municipality.

·         Ensures the Mayors, Council Members and Managers are currently and accurately apprised of matters affecting the municipality.

This cost for this position would be shared by each municipality; in accordance with the general workload and specific costs associated solely with a specific community.  It is anticipated that this position will be 40 hours per week during the Legislative Session and part-time while not in session.  The proportional cost for Litchfield Park is expected to be within the approved budget; being that the vacant administrative position will not be filled.

I am working with the Town Managers to finalize an intergovernmental agreement and a job description.  Advertising for the position will occur once each community has agreed to a shared arrangement.  It is expected that the addition of an Intergovernmental Affairs Coordinator will enhance our ability to work with other local, state and federal legislative bodies.

Thunderbird School of Global Management

The Thunderbird School of Global Management approved our request for a Phase 2 Study regarding the formation of an economic development plan for the City of Litchfield Park.  The three main focuses of the Phase 2 Study are:

·         Identify the appropriate percentage of commercial use and mixed use on four vacant commercially zoned parcels.

·         Develop an economic development marketing strategy in accordance with the Thunderbird Consulting Team’s recommendation to Council on April 17, 2013.

·         Identify any additional phases of study by a future Thunderbird Consulting Group to further develop the planned economic development strategy for the City.

We met with the consulting group near the end of September and found them to be an experienced and very intelligent group of graduate students.  The team is very anxious to provide the City with a comprehensive report in November or December of this year.