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Mar 24

City Manager's March 2014 Report to Council

Posted on March 24, 2014 at 11:33 AM by City Staff

MCSO Law Enforcement Service Agreement

The City was notified by MCSO via a letter dated February 18, 2014, of detailed charges for service for FY 2015, which is effective July 1, 2014.  The Intergovernmental Agreement with MCSO is a cost recovery agreement.

The FY 2014 amount for law enforcement services was $539,711.  In accordance with the calculations related to cost recovery, the FY 2015 cost per the Agreement will be $599,04, which is a 10.99% increase over the FY 2014 amount.  The increase is primarily due to the market pay adjustments issued to sworn employees in July, 2013.

The adjustment was the first of its kind since 2007.  In addition to the wage increase, the variable benefits (retirement and FICA/Medicare) rate increased from 38.08% to 43.52%.  Another portion of the cost increase is related to the cost of ammunition, which nearly doubled in cost.  The overall information technology, vehicle and equipment charges decreased from the previous year by 19.9%; from $49,836 to $40,362.

The MCSO contract will be on the April 16, 2014 Council Agenda for discussion and consideration.

General Plan Amendment Applications

Friday, February 28, 2014, was the deadline for submittal of applications for a Major General Plan Amendment.  A total of six (6) applications were submitted, for the following areas:                            


Property Owner

Parcel Location



Wigwam Town Parcels LLC

Wigwam Joint Parcels

NW Corner of Litchfield Road/Village Parkway



Wigwam Town Parcels LLC

NW Corner of Litchfield Road/Wigwam Boulevard



Wigwam Joint Venture LP

Wigwam Gold Golf Course



Wigwam Joint Venture LP

Wigwam Patriot (Blue) Golf Course



Sun Health Properties Inc.

NW Corner of Litchfield Road/Camelback Road




Litchfield & Camelback Road LLC

NE Corner of Litchfield Road/Camelback Road



Following receipt of the applications, the following members of staff reviewed each submittal for completeness and that it met the requirements:  Planner Consultant Jason Sanks, City Attorney Susan Goodwin, City Engineer Woody Scoutten, Planning Services Coordinator Pam Maslowski, Economic Development Director Jim Rumpeltes and me.  Once the review was complete, and we ascertained that all requirements were met, the submittals were made available to the public on the Litchfield Park website on Friday, March 7, 2014.  A summary of the applications is attached for your review.  I also issued a Press Release on March 7, 2014, announcing the receipt of six applications for a Major General Plan Amendment and a summary of the process.

In an attempt to encourage citizen participation (beyond attendance at Public Hearings) in the process, we set up a public comment tab last week on the Litchfield Park Website, which will allow the public to register comments on any or all of the six applications.  Name, street address and email address is required in order for the comments to be part of the public record.  Incomplete submittals, or use of vulgarity, will cause the comment(s) to be disregarded.  Street address and email address will be redacted for public record purposes.  We feel that this electronic method of participation will encourage more expressions of opinions from our community.  The Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council will have all public comments available for their respective deliberations.

Additionally, we created a link on our E-Notify email system on the Litchfield Park website to provide an opportunity for citizens to sign up for updates on the Major General Plan Amendment applications; including Public Hearings and other information pertinent to the process.  Our E-Notify email system has proven to be a very effective way to disseminate information to the public.

As Council is aware, there is a detailed procedure to consider each application; including review by the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council and at least eight (8) opportunities for the public input.  This will be a new experience for Litchfield Park, as no other Major General Plan Amendments have ever been submitted in the past.  I am very confident that the process will afford ample opportunity for public comment and allow each application to be thoroughly reviewed and considered by staff, Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.

Tierra Verde Lake Wall

Pursuant to the Qualifications Based Selection Process, Pacific Aquascape, Inc. was determined by the Selection Committee to be the most qualified Design-Build Services Contractor for Tierra Verde Lake Wall Improvements project.  The Selection Committee, pursuant to State law, included:  City Engineer Woody Scoutten, Project Engineering Manager Julius Diogenes, Project Engineer Mauricio Iacuelli Quiroga, Director of Field Operations Chuck Ransom, Rob Padilla (Hunter Contracting Company Inc.) and me.  Accordingly, on the March 19, 2014 Council Agenda is a recommendation that Pacific Aquascape, Inc. be authorized to proceed with design and construction for the Tierra Verde Lake Wall.  Representatives from W.C. Scoutten Inc. will be at the meeting to present the recommendation and summarize the process.

Litchfield Park 2013 Annual Report

The 2013 Annual Report, entitled “Making Connections,” was distributed to Council and staff last week.  The Report focuses on the past, present and future of our community; along with general overview of each department’s accomplishments over the past year.  The 2013 Annual Report is also posted on the City of Litchfield Park website.

I hope you find the Annual Report informative and gain a new insight into the respective departments.  The Annual Report reflects the policies, priorities and goals established by the Mayor and Council.  I would like to express staff’s appreciation to Mayor Schoaf and Members of Council for their continued guidance and support throughout the year.  Our elected officials are the backbone of the success reflected in the City of Litchfield Park 2013 Annual Report.

Darryl H. Crossman

City Manager