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May 22

City Manager's May 2014 Report to Council

Posted on May 22, 2014 at 10:14 AM by City Staff

Library Parking Lot

On December 18, 2014, City Council approved a Parking Lot Use Agreement at 111 W. Wigwam Boulevard, which provided for continued use of a private parking lot for library patrons and other city sponsored events.  Within the Agreement was an estimate of $17,032.17 for the parking lot; to which the City would be responsible for the payment.  The contractor for the lot owner has notified us that the necessary repair to the curbing is more extensive than originally estimated.  Once the revised cost estimate is received, an amended agreement will be presented to Council for its consideration. 

Liberty Utilities Rate Increase
On February 28, 2013, Liberty Utilities Corporation filed a rate application with the Arizona Corporation Commission for an increase in water and sewer rates.  At the conclusion of the rate proceeding, the Commission authorized increasing residential water and wastewater rates, which were effective May 1, 2014:

·         A ¾-inch metered residential water customer, with an average use of 8,827 gallons per month, will experience an increase of $2.54 per month; or a 10.45% increase.

·         A 1-inch metered residential water customer, with an average use of 13,707 gallons per month, will experience an increase of $5.98; or a 13.41% increase.

·         A residential wastewater customer will experience an increase of $1.36, or a 3.488% increase.

Fiscal Impact of Development Analysis  
It is recognized that the six (6) General Plan Amendment applications will have a financial impact upon the city budget; both revenues and expenses.  In order to quantify such impacts, our Finance Director, Ben Ronquillo, prepared a “Fiscal Impact of Development in Litchfield Park: Data & Analysis, May, 2014” as a resource for Staff, Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council during their deliberations of the GPA applications.  

The analysis also incorporates other resources, including: a Wall Street Journal article regarding residential and commercial development; and a report prepared for the Maricopa Association of Governments by Applied Economics entitled “Fiscal Balance Report.”  The Fiscal Impact report offers an excellent overview of the key factors in the decision-making process as it relates to the fiscal impact of current and future commercial or residential development in our community.

The report has been posted on the City of Litchfield Park’s website under: Finance, Economic Development and GPA Applications pages.

Palm Tree Lights on Wigwam Boulevard
In our continuous effort to enhance the beauty of our community, accent lights have been placed on the palm trees, near the downtown area, along Wigwam Boulevard; west of Old Litchfield Road.  We have received several complimentary comments on the new accent lighting and plan to proceed with similar lighting along Old Litchfield Road next; in front of the commercial storefronts.  The accent lighting creates a pleasant ambiance and inviting setting for the “heart” of the community.  We also are experimenting with accent lighting for the orange trees to compliment the palm tree lighting.

Traffic Control Change on Village Parkway/Arbor Lane
Following several complaints from residents regarding high rate of vehicle speed and safety concerns for pedestrians attempting to cross Village Parkway at Arbor Lane due to the horizontal curve in the roadway, we conducted a traffic analysis of the intersection.  The results of the analysis were that the Average Daily Traffic (ADT) had more than doubled along Village Parkway since 2009, when a similar analysis was conducted.

Due to the increased ADT along Village Parkway, coupled with a line of sight visibility issue and the horizontal curve in the roadway, it was determined that it was warranted to convert Arbor Lane from a two-way stop control operation to an all-way stop control in order to help mitigate risk and liability exposure to the City.

The stop signs on Village Parkway were installed two weeks ago, and notices were distributed to the local residents.  As a warning to the traffic control change at the referenced intersection, signs advising of the change were also installed.  Said caution signage will be removed following a 60-day or so period.

Darryl H. Crossman

City Manager