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Sep 29

City Manager's September 2014 Report to Council

Posted on September 29, 2014 at 2:44 PM by City Staff

Waste Management Rate Increase

In accordance with our contract with Waste Management, Inc., we have received advanced notice of a rate increase for refuse and recycling collection services effective November 1, 2014, as follows:

Service                          Old Rate                New Rate              % Increase

Refuse & Recycling            $25.24                     $25.71                    1.82%

*Refuse Only                     $24.19                     $24.64                   1.82%

* Only applies to “grandfathered” customers who opted out of recycling in 2008.

The rate increase was calculated in conformance with the “Method of Calculation” formula in the contract, which utilizes the Consumer Price Index; and verified as to its accuracy by our Finance Director, Ben Ronquillo.  In accordance with the contract, Waste Management will provide a notice by mail to all residents.

Recycling Report

We are in receipt of a “Year to Date Diversion Report – 2014” from Waste Management, which provides a tonnage comparison of solid waste collections versus recycling in Litchfield Park.  Realistically, our residents’ recycling should represent one-half (50%) of the refuse tonnage sent to the landfill.  The ultimate goal is to divert 80% of our solid waste tonnage.

In 2014, recycling collections in Litchfield Park have ranged from a low of 14.3% in May, to a high of 21.9% in January; for an average of 17.6%.  A portion of the lower rate of recycling is due to the residents who were “grandfathered” in 2008, and opted out of the recycling program.  However, we also believe that an awareness campaign can increase our diversion rate.  We are attempting to educate our residents on the importance of participating in our recycling program and further explaining what types of materials can be recycled.  

Since our refuse/recycling contract is due to be bid in 2015, it is important that our refuse tonnage to the landfill be reduced in order to acquire the best possible bids for said service.  

MCSO Monthly Report Format

Pursuant to MCSO Captain Dan Whelan’s discussion with the Mayor and Members of Council, you will find a new version of the monthly MCSO Report in your packet for July and August, 2014.  We believe that the new format addresses all suggestions and requested information for activity in Litchfield Park.

If you have any further suggestions, I recommend that such be addressed at the September 17, 2014 Council Meeting.

Liberty Utilities’ Application to the City of Goodyear

Pursuant to a meeting with Matthew Garlick of Liberty Utilities on September 4, 2014, City Engineer Scoutten and I were advised that Liberty Utilities has filed an application with the City of Goodyear to allow effluent recharge and a headquarters facility to be built on a site on the north side of Camelback Road; immediately west of the new residential development (Palm Valley Phase 9 subdivision) currently under construction in Goodyear.  The site is located within the original planned area development (PAD) for Palm Valley and had been planned for a 20 lot industrial park, and is directly north of the Bullard Wash adjacent to Litchfield Park parcels in The Village at Litchfield Park.

The PAD Amendment is to add “Water Recharge Facility” to the list of approved uses within the “Light Industrial” category of uses within this portion of the Palm Valley development.  The Amendment will also modify certain conditions of approval or the original PAD having to do with landscaping and traffic control.  The Amendment must be reviewed by the Goodyear Planning and Zoning Commission; followed by a recommendation to Goodyear City Council.  Goodyear’s Zoning Code requires a public hearing at both the Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting and the Council Meeting; but appears to only require notification of landowners within 150 feet of the boundaries of the subject parcel.  We fully expect that the City of Goodyear will offer the City of Litchfield Park the opportunity to comment on the application.  We will keep you advised of any further developments in this regard.

Darryl H. Crossman

City Manager