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Oct 16

City Manager's October 2014 Report to Council

Posted on October 16, 2014 at 9:29 AM by City Staff

City Manager’s Report

October 15, 2014

Waste and Recycling Collection

Our current solid waste and recycling contract with Waste Management expires October 31, 2015.  As we commence with the preparations to acquire a new service contract, we are investigating several issues, including but not limited to:

1.    The ability to “piggy-back” on another municipality’s contract to obtain a lower cost;

2.    The ability to extend the current contract;

3.    Change collection schedule to reflect a majority of other Valley municipalities; that being a collection of recyclables once per week and collection of solid waste once per week (thus eliminating the twice a week waste collection);

4.    Verify that our residents wish to continue the use of “in-ground” containers (non-automated service for hand pickups increase the cost of service); and,

5.    Eliminate the “grandfathered” property owners who opted out of the recycling program nearly seven years ago.

We plan to hold public meetings to discuss the available alternatives, as we did in 2008.  We may also use the CityLine as a means to gather public input on this matter.  I expect that such efforts with the public will commence in January, 2015.  In the meantime, we will investigate the various contractual options listed above.  

Stolen Garage Door Openers

We have been notified that some garage door openers were removed from residents’ unlocked vehicles parked in their driveways last month.  MCSO has been advised of this activity.

An email update was sent to our E-Notify subscribers advising them of the thefts.  We also suggested that residents keep their car doors locked, even when parked in their own driveways, and to lock their adjacent doors from garage to home entrance.  Additionally, we advised those who were victims of these thefts to change their respective garage door opener combination.  All subscribers were asked to contact MCSO if they were a victim to these thefts or notice any theft in progress.

As always, awareness is the key in stopping such crimes of opportunity.

Flooding Areas

The monsoon rains caused several flooding conditions in Litchfield Park in August and September, 2014.  Water levels receded in most of the areas in an acceptable period of time.  However, we did have some areas which remained flooded beyond the expected period of time and/or were subjected to sheet flow from nearby vacant parcels.  The rainfalls in September were magnified by the fact that the soil was saturated from previous rain events and therefore could not absorb the precipitation in a usual fashion and therefore was subject to water runoff conditions.

Staff has identified areas of flooding concern and I have asked our City Engineer to work with Staff to identify the cause of the flooding, determine what options are available to resolve the excessive water conditions and present project costs for all alternatives.

I will keep the Mayor and Council informed of the progress of such engineering findings.

GPA City Manager’s Working Group

The City Manager’s Working Group is continuing to meet to discuss the progress of all the General Plan Amendments and find available alternatives which would be acceptable to the property owner(s), the City of Litchfield Park, its residents and its business community.  Members of the Working Group include:  City Manager Darryl Crossman, Planning Consultant Jason Sanks, Planning Services Director Pam Maslowski, Economic Development Director Jim Rumpeltes, Finance Director Ben Ronquillo, City Attorney Susan Goodwin, City Engineer Woody Scoutten, Mayor Tom Schoaf, Vice-Mayor Paul Faith and Council Member John Romack.  The applicants have been included in many meetings.

The Working Group has offered several suggestions to all of the applicants based on compromises which can provide a “win-win” for all concerned parties.  In some cases, we have provided suggested exhibits with somewhat detailed suggestions; in others we have limited our presentations to suggested concepts and elements of design, which are complimentary to the community.

We believe that this Working Group complements the formal GPA process and provides an opportunity for the applicants to consider alternative design concepts.

Library/Recreation Center Parking Lot

On December 18, 2013, Council approved a Use Agreement between Ellsworth & Warren Properties, LLC and the City of Litchfield Park for the joint use of the parking lot used by the Professional Office Plaza, the Recreation Center and the Library.

As consideration of the Use Agreement, the City agreed to some conditions; including “an amount equal to the actual costs of repair of the asphalt surfacing on the Property, estimated to be $17,032.17.”  During the course of repair of the parking lot surface, some change orders were approved, which were necessitated by the discovered conditions of the base material and curbing being in worse condition than originally anticipated.  The change orders raised the total cost of repairs to the parking lot to $24,220.95; which is an increase over the estimated cost of $7,188.78.

Dr. Warren agreed to a 50/50 share of the overrun costs for the parking lot; thus splitting the cost of $7,188.78.  The increase cost to the City was $3,594.39; which was represented as the City’s 50% share of the change orders.  We appreciate Dr. Warren’s participation in the repair of the parking lot and his willingness to work with the City to provide parking for the patrons of the Library and the Recreation Center.

Arizona Burn Foundation’s Smoke Alarm Installation Program

The City of Goodyear Fire Department and the Arizona Burn Foundation, in partnership with the City of Litchfield Park, will conduct a Smoke Alarm Walk and Education Program on Saturday, November 1, 2014, in a portion of the City of Litchfield Park.  The Walk and Education Program’s goals are to:

1.    Educate residents on the use/need of a dual sensor smoke alarm; focused on burn and scald prevention;

2.    Install one dual sensor smoke alarm per household FREE, if the homeowner agrees; and

3.    Install nine volt alkaline batteries for existing alarms, with the homeowner’s concurrence.

After a review of fire calls in Litchfield Park over the past several years, Tanja Tanner, Goodyear Fire Department Community Risk Reduction Coordinator and the Arizona Burn Foundation identified the area of the City to initially conduct this program.  The southwest quadrant of the City (Litchfield Road to Old Litchfield Road; and Wigwam Boulevard to Indian School Road) was selected as the area to be covered on Saturday, November 1, 2014, between 9AM and 12NOON.  Flyers informing the designated residents of the program will be delivered door-to-door prior to the event.

It is anticipated that 45 volunteers will be needed to cover this area consisting of 387 homes.  The volunteers will consist of public safety personnel and other trained individuals.  The program allows for one smoke alarm (valued at $25 each) for each home in the identified area.

I have asked Ms. Tanja Tanner from the Goodyear Fire Department to provide a brief overview of the program to Council at its October 15, 2014 Council Meeting and be available to answer any questions regarding this matter.


Darryl H. Crossman

City Manager