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Nov 03

Winter Rye Grass Overseeding

Posted on November 3, 2014 at 1:59 PM by City Staff

The Public Works Department has recently implemented the seeding of Winter Rye Grass throughout the City.  Other than the center of the City as well as parks and sport fields, the City has not overseeded any turf areas since the fall of 2007.  This was done as a way to balance the City budget due to the economic downturn.  This budget decrease had an adverse affect to the delicate balance of nutrients put back into our soils while at the same time allowing broadleaf weeds to thrive.  

In an effort to revive the health of all 40 plus acres of turf throughout the City; the Public Works Department sprayed herbicide to all areas to inhibit weed growth, which was made apparent by the brown turf areas within the last two months.  We then fertilized the soil, spread Winter Rye Grass seed and put another layer of fertilizer to promote rapid and healthy turf.  The City will continue to monitor the cost of overseeding turf areas in the future.

Chuck Ransom

Director of Field Operations