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Jul 16

City Manager's February 2015 Report to City Council

Posted on July 16, 2015 at 3:21 PM by City Staff

City Manager’s Report

February 18, 2015

Hazardous Waste Event

On November 2, 2014, the City of Litchfield Park participated in a west valley Hazardous Waste Event hosted by the City of Goodyear held at the Goodyear Ballpark.  Other cities which participated in this event were the cities of Avondale and Tolleson.  The event collected household hazardous waste, including paint and cleaning solutions, as well as electronics.

The November 2nd event attracted 79 Litchfield Park vehicles; as compared to the 2013 Hazardous Waste Event which totaled 55 vehicles.  The 2014 event cost to each city was $90.58 per vehicle, as compared to $66.62 per vehicle in 2013; an increase of 36%.  The recent event rendered a total cost to Litchfield Park of $7,289.17, which includes advertising the event in the West Valley View.  Our FY 2015 Budget for this event was only $5,500, which was based on previous years.  The event was also publicized on the city website and via email blasts.  For comparison purposes, the FY 2014 (November, 2013 event) total cost was $3,931.51; an 85% increase in total cost to Litchfield Park for the November, 2014 event.

This is a very popular event with our residents who are encouraged to combine their hazardous waste items with others in order to reduce the number of vehicles at the event.  The budget for FY 2016 will be adjusted in order to reflect the expected cost of the Hazardous Waste collection in November, 2015.

Litchfield Park Recycling

With the assistance of Waste Management, we are continuing our efforts to educate our residents as to the importance of recycling and the benefits that such efforts have on the cost of refuse collection and our environment.

In January, 2015, Waste Management collected 170.5 tons of refuse; as compared to 38.2 tons of recycling material.  Therefore, Litchfield Park residents contributed to a diversion rate of 18.3% from the landfill.  Eighteen percent is a low diversion rate, as compared to other cities.  Staff would realistically like to aim at a 1/3 diversion rate over the next two years, with a further goal of 50% diversion from the landfill.

The more the community recycles, the less tonnage is transferred to the landfill, which reduces tipping costs of the contractor and is reflected in the cost to the home owner for refuse collection.

For example, in January, 2015 alone, the 38 tons of recycled material (aluminum, cardboard/paper, scrap metals, glass and plastics) conserved the following resources:

·         309 mature trees were saved

·         138 cubic yards of landfill space

·         156,822 Kw-Hrs. of electricity

·         180,281 gallons of water

The participation of our residents in the recycling program is low.  Unlike other neighboring cities, Litchfield Park does not require our residents to recycle.  Some cities will not collect refuse if a resident is not recycling as well.  Our approach has been to educate the public and encourage participation; rather than make it a requirement and fine those who do not engage.  Staff will be making a concerted effort to increase Litchfield Park’s diversion rate and educate our residents of the benefits of recycling. 

State of the City Address

We continue to receive compliments regarding the State of the City event held on Saturday, January 17th.  The attendance at the meeting was 137, which is slightly higher than in the recent past.  We received 12 Comment Cards from our residents, which included comments and questions.  Various Staff members were assigned to contact the respective residents and provide a summary of the results of said contact.  The results of said communications were distributed to Council for your information.

For the first time, we contracted with the Church at Litchfield Park to video tape the State of the City Address so that it could be viewed on our Cox Government Channel 11.  The video will be on Channel 11 effective February 16th, and will be available for viewing on the following days/times for the next six months:

Sunday----------------- 7 a.m.

Thursday--------------- 7 a.m.

Monday----------------- 8 p.m.

Friday------------------- 8 p.m.

Tuesday---------------- 7 a.m.

Saturday---------------- 7 a.m.

Wednesday------------- 8 p.m.


 We also placed the State of the City PowerPoint on the Litchfield Park website for those interested in reviewing the electronic presentation.

We received many favorable comments regarding the 28 displays by Litchfield Park’s City Departments, local agencies and other public entities.  We were told by many participants that the citizens spent more time this year than in previous years visiting each display table and had inquiries regarding the respective roles in making our community a special place to live, work and play.  The display tables of the various groups complement the State of the City address by the Mayor and are a good example of the contribution by the Litchfield Park civic organizations to the unique lifestyle of our community.

Darryl H. Crossman
City Manager