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Jul 16

City Manager's March 2015 Report to City Council

Posted on July 16, 2015 at 3:21 PM by City Staff

City Manager’s Report
 March 18, 2015


To:          Mayor Schoaf and City Councilmembers
From:      Darryl H. Crossman, City Manager

MCSO Law Enforcement Contract FY 2016

We are in receipt of the Annual Notification of Law Enforcement Service Reimbursement Costs from MCSO for FY 2016.  Effective July 1, 2015, MCSO law enforcement costs will increase 14.7 % to an amount of $687,277.  The cost for the same service in FY 2015 was $599,041.

According to MCSO, the increase is primarily due to the full impact of the sworn market increases which were implemented July, 2013, plus benefit cost increases.  Additionally, the cost of ammunition has again nearly doubled, along with other increases in supplies for the Deputies and other sworn personnel.

The cost of said service contract is included in the FY 2016 Preliminary Budget.

Refuse/Recycling Collection Contract Specifications

I am in the process of preparing the specifications for the residential refuse/recycling collection contract in our community.  As mentioned in a recent City Manager’s Report, the current contract with Waste Management ends October 31, 2015. 

Changes to the 2008 specifications include:

  1.  Establishment of a bulk collection day once a month on the last collection day of the respective home;
  2. Additional efforts to promote and encourage recycling will be required of the contractor;
  3. Each resident will be included in the recycling program, but participation—although strongly encouraged—will not be mandatory;
  4. There will be one charge for residential refuse/recycling collection each month; refuse and recycling charges will not be separated;
  5. Residents will have the option of purchasing an additional 35 gallon recycling container at a one-time charge;
  6. Residents will have the option of purchasing a 96 gallon recycling container at a one-time charge to use in lieu of a 35 gallon recycling container; and
  7. As an alternative, an option to collect refuse once per week, rather than twice a week, is offered in the bid documents.

Although there would be a significant savings in collection fees, we did not ask for costs for fully automated collection services; as such would eliminate the in-ground containers, which are very popular in Litchfield Park.  In an informal poll with residents who use the in-ground containers, there was a significant desire to keep the use of the containers.  This was the same as our last poll seven years ago.

It is expected that the contracting for refuse and recycling collection will be advertised in May or June, 2015; with bids being accepted in June or July, 2015.  This sequence provides adequate time for the successful bidder to prepare for the Litchfield Park contract commencing on November 1, 2015.

Millennium High School Student Parking on Public Streets

As I mentioned at the February 18, 2015 Council Meeting, many students at Millennium High School have been using local public streets in The Village at Litchfield Park for parking during school days.  Nearly all the student vehicles have been parked on public streets adjacent to MHS, and an additional 12-20 vehicles have parked at Aleppo Park.

The use of public streets in The Village at Litchfield Park has:


  1. Restricted the use of street parking by the residents;
  2. Created safety concerns as the parking on both sides of the street restricts the maneuverability of fire and emergency vehicles when responding to a call; and
  3. Created difficulty for our refuse/recycling company Waste Management to service homes on the street, as vehicles blocked access to the containers.

The use of the parking areas along Aleppo Park by MHS students has caused complaints from residents who could not find adequate parking spots for those attending a gathering at the park during the weekday.  I have consulted with MCSO Captain Dan Whelan and City Engineer Woody Scoutten on the matter. 

In an attempt to resolve the above issues, we met with the Assistant Superintendent, MHS Principal and the Project Manager to discuss the negative impact of parking by students upon the neighborhoods and Aleppo Park.  The school administration is going to open an additional parking lot to students and will distribute notices requesting that students not park within the adjacent neighborhoods or at Aleppo Park. 

The City will post “2 Hour Parking Only 7am – 2pm School Days” signs along Aleppo Park, in order to make the parking areas open to those who wish to use the park.  In accordance with Section 12-4-7 of the Litchfield Park City Code, a “Residential Parking Permit Area” can be designated by the City Manager after consultation with the City Engineer and upon petition by two-thirds of the immediately adjacent residents. 

We are in discussion with The Village at Litchfield Park HOA regarding such a designation at this time.  It appears a Residential Parking Permit Area may be a viable solution, but will be costly to purchase the necessary signage, posts and hardware.  Should we receive the required petition and decide to implement such a parking restriction in the neighborhoods, the Assistant Superintendent has offered to provide funding for the necessary signs, posts and hardware. 

I will keep the Mayor and Council informed of any further developments in this regard.

Spring Green Waste Recycling Clean-up Day

The 15th Annual Spring Green Waste Recycling Clean-Up Day will be on Monday, April 13, 2015.  Our Public Works Department will commence collection at 6:30am and end at 2:00pm.  Collection will include:  tree trimmings, garden prunings, bushes and shrubs.  Residents are asked not to place the green waste in trash bags, but to bundle it neatly in four or five foot lengths.

Notices of the event will be distributed in the West Valley View, posted on our website and sent to our E-Notify subscribers.


Darryl H. Crossman

City Manager