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Litchfield Park Holiday Home Decorating Contest

  1. Holiday Home Decorating Contest Header Pic

  2. City of Litchfield Park Residents are invited to participate in a Holiday Home Decorating Contest as part of our Christmas in the Park festivities!

  3. Decorate the outside of your home by December 13, 2020. Participating homes* will be judged December 14 and 15. Winning homes will be notified by December 18.

  4. Category winners receive $100 cash prize and a decorative yard sign to announce their special status to all who drive by!

  5. 2020 Contest Entry Form

  6. Clark Griswold

    Homes that have an "Over the Top" spectacular lighting display. Judging will be made on the "WOW factor" from the amount of lights involved in the display, and the brightness, liveliness and detail put into the display.

  7. Norman Rockwell

    Judges will be looking for an old-fashioned, traditional and nostalgic holiday display.

  8. Inflatable Fun

    5 or more inflatables required for this one! Judging will be focused on fun and creative use of inflatables s part of your holiday display.

  9. Clark Griswold Example Picture

  10. Norman Rockwell Example Picture

  11. Inflatable Fun Example Picture

  12. Select only one category for your home to be entered into the 2020 Holiday Home Decorating Contest*

  13. Contact Information

  14. Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

  15. Submit your entry form below, all entries must be received by December 11, 2020.

    *Addresses of participating homes will automatically be included in the Citywide Holiday Lights Tour listing on the City's website. For details call 623-935-9040 or visit

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