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Underfloor (Sanitary Plumbing)

The residential inspection checklist for underfloor (sanitary plumbing) includes:

  • Materials in compliance with section P3002, I.R.C.
  • Building sewer test: a minimum 10 foot head of water / minimum 15 mins., section P2503.4, I.R.C.
  • Drainage piping and fittings to maintain 2% grade slope (1/4 unit vertical in 12 units horizonal), section P3002.3.1, I.R.C.
  • Drainage fittings and connections, section P3005 and Table P3005.1, I.R.C.
  • Approved two-way cleanout, section P3005.2.7, I.R.C.
  • Approved cleanout at base of waste or soil stack, section P3005.2.6, I.R.C.
  • Additional cleanouts - use the "135 degree" rule (City standard) in lieu of the "more than 45 degree/40 foot length" rule, section P3005.2.4, I.R.C.
  • Additional cleanouts - each 100 feet, section P3005.2.2, I.R.C.
  • Backfill material shall be free of rocks, broken concrete and debris until pipe is covered with at least 12 inches of tamped earth, section P2604.3, I.R.C.
  • Over-excavation must be replaced with compacted earth, sand, fine gravel to provide solid/continuous load bearing support, section P2604.1, I.R.C.
  • Trap arm length from vent per Table P3105.1, I.R.C. ( 1-1/4" is max. 5 feet, 1-1/2" is max. 6 feet, 2" is max. 8 feet, 3" is max. 12 feet and 4" is max. 16 feet).
  • Maximum three (3) water closets on 3-inch drainage pipe (City standard).
  • A "sanitary tee" fitting is only allowed to be used when changing from the horizontal to vertical direction, Table P3005.1, I.R.C.
  • Every dry vent connection to a horizontal drain shall connect above the centerline of the horizontal drain pipe, section P3104.3, I.R.C.
  • Vent sizing shall comply with section P3113.1, I.R.C.
  • Deadends shall be prohibited except when necessary to extend a cleanout, section P3005.1.5, I.R.C.
  • Cleanout shall be installed not more than 100 feet apart in horizontal drainage lines measured from the upstream entrance of the cleanout, section P3005.2.2, I.R.C.

Contact Information 

City of Litchfield Park
Building Safety Department
214 West Wigwam Boulevard
Litchfield Park, Arizona  85340

Ph: 623-935-1066
Fx: 623-535-9754

Updated 4/22/16