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The residential inspection checklist for topout/frame (electrical) includes:

***Please Note:  Electrical service panel(s) may not be installed within a garage so as to breach the required garage/residence fire separation.  This would include any garage bearing wall which supports the horizontal fire separation.

  • Grounding electrode system, minimum #4 AWG copper ground (electrode) conductor, Table E3603.1 (footnote d), I.R.C. 
  • Grounding bond: water and gas, minimum #4 AWG copper, City standard
  • Maintain min. ¼ inch air space behind exterior mounted service panel, section E3907.2, I.R.C. 
  • SE and NM cable supported at maximum 4 ½ feet oc and within 8 inches of boxes without cable clamps, Table E3802.1 (footnotes e and h), I.R.C. 
  • Electrical (SE and NM) cable protected from physical damage when within 1¼ inches of framing member's edge, Table E3802.1, I.R.C. 
  • Protect electrical (SE and NM) cable within 6 feet of attic access scuttle, section E3802.2.1, I.R.C. 
  • Minimum of two 20-ampere-rated branch circuit receptacle outlets in kitchen (incl. pantry, breakfast area, dining area), section E3703.2, I.R.C. 
  • Kitchen counter (12 inches or wider) receptacle outlets: maximum 4 foot oc, and at/or within 2 feet of end of counter, section E3901.4.1, I.R.C. 
  •  Island counter: minimum one receptacle outlet (no counter flush outlets allowed) section E3901.4.2, I.R.C.  See section E3901.4.4, I.R.C. for minimum two receptacle outlets when counter space is separated. 
  • Peninsula island counter: minimum one receptacle outlet (no counter flush outlets allowed) sections E3901.4.3, I.R.C.  See section E3901.4.4, I.R.C. for minimum two receptacle outlets when counter space is separated.
  • Branch circuits wired with arc-fault circuit-interrupter protection (combination type), section E3902.12, I.R.C. 
  • All electrical boxes to be secured, with no overfill, section E3905.12.2.1, I.R.C.  
  • Min. of 6 inches of conductor length within electrical box, section E3406.11.3, I.R.C. 
  • Min. ¼ inch of nonmetallic sheathing length (thru knockout opening) within electrical box, section E3905.3.1, I.R.C. 
  • Proper size branch circuit conductors: A/C units, ranges, cooktops, water heater and dryer, section E3705, I.R.C. 
  • Minimum one 20-ampere-rared branch circuit receptacle outlets in laundry area, section E3703.3, I.R.C. 
  • Minimum one 20-ampere-rated branch circuit to supply bathroom receptacle outlets, section E3703.4, I.R.C. 
  • General receptacle spacing (along wall having 2 feet or more in width) at 12 feet oc and at/within 6 feet of all door openings, sections E3901.2.1, I.R.C. and E3901.2.2, I.R.C. 
  • Ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection receptacles:  including bathroom, kitchen countertop surfaces, laundry sink, utility sink, wet bar sink , garage, unfinished accessory storage/work building, unfinished storage/work basement areas and outdoors, section E3902, I.R.C.
  • Attic HVAC equipment:  Light switch at attic access scuttle and light outlet at equipment, section E3903.4, I.R.C. 
  • Attic HVAC equipment: Disconnect means at equipment, section E4101.5, I.R.C. 
  • Attic HVAC equipment: General purpose receptacle, accessible and within 25 feet, section E3901.12, I.R.C. 
  • Hydromassage bathtub: Bonding with minimum #8 (solid) bonding  jumper (all metal piping, metal parts, etc.), E4209.4, I.R.C. 
  • Hydromassage bathtub: Ground-fault circuit –interrupter protector (including receptacles within 6 feet, section E4209.1, I.R.C. 
  • Hydromassage bathtub: All electrical equipment shall be accessible and within direct view (maximum 12 inches from access opening), section E4209.3, I.R.C. 
  • Smoke alarms: UL 217 listed and labeled, in each bedroom and outside each bedroom area in the immediate vicinity, on each additional story (including basement), section R314.3, I.R.C. 
  • Smoke alarms: Required when there is 24 inch variation in ceiling height, City amended section R314.3, I.R.C. 
  • Smoke alarms: Wall and ceiling installation locations per manufacturer’s specifications and listing, including location adjacent to HVAC supply and returns.
  • Smoke alarms:, Hard wired, interconnected (activation of one alarm activates all), with battery back-up, section R314, I.R.C. 
  • Carbon monoxide alarms: UL 2034 listed and labeled, outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms, sections R315.1 and R315.4, I.R.C.
***Please note:  If a carbon monoxide detection system (detection with audible notification) is installed, it must be owned by the homeowner and monitored by an approved supervising station.
  • A 125-volt, 14 ampere-rated receptacle outlet shall be installed in an accessible location under each bathroom lavatory to allow for the operation of a point-of-service hot water recirculating pump, City amended section R306.4, I.R.C.
  • Ceiling-suspended fans (paddle) shall be supported independently of an outlet box, section E4101.6 I.R.C.

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Updated 4/22/16