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Electrical Final
The residential inspection checklist for (final) electrical includes:

  • Circuit breakers in main electrical service entrance panels and subpanels are to be properly labeled (non-erasable ink), with dead front panel properly secured in place, section E3706.2, I.R.C.
***Please note:  If non-metallic water system is installed (which must include service feed from meter), non-erasable ink identification of no ground bond is required on service dead front.
  • No unused knockouts (dead front panel, electrical boxes, etc.), section E3906.4, I.R.C.
  • Circuit breaker amperage to be within listed and labeled operating range of A/C equipment.
  • Arc-fault circuit-interrupter circuit breakers for 15- and 20- ampere outlets installed in family rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, parlors, libraries, dens, bedrooms, sunrooms, recreation rooms, closets, hallway and similar rooms, section E3902.12, I.R.C.
  • GFCI devices labeled and checked for proper operation, section E3902, I.R.C.
  • Minimum #4 AWG copper water (grounding) bond and minimum #4 AWG copper gas (grounding) bond to be clean and tight, City standard.
  • Required bathroom and installed kitchen (range hood) fans to be trimmed out and operational, sections M1503 and M1507, I.R.C.
  • All electrical outlets must be trimmed out.
***Please note:  Outlets, for future customer furnished light fixtures, must be properly protected with wire nuts and approved cover plates.
  • No suspended lighting fixtures, (paddle) fans, etc, within 8 feet above (top of bathtub rim) and within 3 feet horizontally of bathtub, section E4003.11, I.R.C.
  • No receptacles within or directly above a bathtub or shower stall, E4002.11, I.R.C.
  • Distance between vertical end plane of clothes closet storage shelf and lighting fixture: 12" - surface mounted incandescent, 6" - surface mounted fluorescent, 6" - recessed incandescent (with completely enclosed lamp), section E4003.12, I.R.C.
  • HVAC disconnect means (including labeled disconnect device at exterior A/C units to match circuit breaker identification), sections E3404.12 and E4101.5, I.R.C.
  • Exterior A/C equipment must be on concrete pad, where surface is at least 3 inches above finished grade, section M1403.2, City amended.
  • A weather-protective service receptacle outlet that is visible, accessible and within 25 feet of equipment, Section M1305.1.5, City ordinance amendment
  • HVAC equipment labeling can not be painted over or removed, section E3404.11, I.R.C.
  • Approved weather-proof outdoor receptacles, with W/P covers, section E3905.11, I.R.C.
  • Exterior light fixtures at all egress doors, section E3903.3, I.R.C.

Contact Information

City of Litchfield Park 
Building Safety Department
214 West Wigwam Boulevard
Litchfield Park, Arizona 85340

Ph: 623-935-1066
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Updated 4/22/16