Youth Sports Policies

Liability Waiver Policy

The City of Litchfield Park carries liability insurance only. The City does not carry personal injury insurance or any other insurance for teams or individual players. Insurance is the responsibility of the individual team. Applicant hereby waives any claims and causes of action which may arise from applicant's use of the Recreation Center and applicant's participation in the activities held at or away from the Recreation Center. Further, applicant shall appear, defend, indemnify and hold harmless the City of Litchfield Park, its officers, employees and agents, from and against any and all expenses and liabilities in or about such claim or any proceedings brought thereon.

Media Release Policy

The City of Litchfield Park is permitted to take photos/video of my child and me to be used by the City of Litchfield Park for program promotion in any way the City may see fit.

Youth Sports Payment Policy

Each youth sport participant MUST register individually from friends or relatives other than those living in the same household. In addition, each participant MUST register with the permission of their legal parent or guardian. Participants will not be allowed to register with other participants outside of their immediate family. We are a recreation program that promotes positive and fair competition throughout our leagues, therefore no team registrations will be accepted.

Refund Policy

This policy was revised January 1, 2009
Refunds will not be given after payment has been made for a particular program. In the case of a medical issue, a refund may be issued at the discretion of the Litchfield Park Recreation Services Director.

Withdrawal Policy

This policy was revised January 1, 2009
Every program withdrawal will be assessed a mandatory $10.00 administrative fee. (NO EXCEPTIONS). If a participant withdraws from a program BEFORE the program start date, the program fee will be given back to the client as credit on their account, minus the $10.00 administrative fee. If a participant withdraws from a program AFTER the program start date, the entire program fee will be forfeited.

The program start date for all Litchfield Park Youth Sports is the mandatory coaches’ meeting in which coaches will receive their initial team rosters and game schedules. Please contact the Litchfield Park Recreation Center at 623-935-9040 or email for program start dates.

Minimum Age Waiver Policy

This policy was created June 1, 2014:

The form is required to be completed if a parent is requesting that a child play youth sports with children of an older age. The child's age must be within one year of a higher age group to be eligible to play up one age division.
Request to Waive Age Limit and Release