Refuse & Recycling

Effective November 1, 2008, Waste Management of Arizona began providing trash (refuse and recycling) service to the City of Litchfield Park. The contracted rate, as of July 1, 2019, is $23.67 per month, per home. Waste Management’s Customer Service Department can be reached at 1-888-964-9780.

The new service days are: Monday/Thursday trash service with recycling on Monday, Monday/Thursday trash service with recycling on Thursday, or Tuesday/Friday trash service with recycling on Tuesday. Please refer to the service map below for your service days. The Village at Litchfield Park will continue with automated service with containers provided by Waste Management. Recycling has been made easier with the new 35-gallon recycling container delivered by Waste Management. Also, the type of recycling commodities accepted has increased. (See table below.)

Containers used for refuse (trash) pickup service (in-ground containers or your own containers, not to exceed 50 pounds when loaded for collection) shall be placed for collection curbside or, if available, in the alley at the rear of the residence. Containers must be placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your trash and/or recycling service day; however, they may be placed out after 6:00 p.m. on the day preceding regular collection, and shall be removed from the curb by midnight of the day of collection. Containers shall be stored between collections in such a manner that they are not readily visible from the street.

Bulk item pickup will be on the last collection day of the month. Place items for bulk pickup at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your trash day. Items include: yard and tree clippings less than 4’ in length bundled; furniture; box springs; mattresses; carpet cut into 4’ strips; appliances (FREON MUST BE REMOVED); and, other similar items. NO tires, liquids, paint, batteries, pesticides or 55-gallon drums will be accepted.

Recycle Often Recycle Right.png

Waste Management's first ever comprehensive recycling education and outreach campaign targeted at consumers, educators, cities and community members is now available and at your disposal. We are excited to share this with you as we believe Recycle Often. Recycle Right.SM campaign -- or RORR for short -- can be a catalyst to educate, inspire and change consumer behavior and reduce contamination. 
Recycling Commodities Accepted
Plastic Bottles or Jugs
Paper Products
Steel & Tin
Cardboard & Chipboard
Aseptic Boxes
plastic Jugs

computer & writing paper
food & tin cans(containing no food)
including all inserts
corrugated cardboard boxes
beverage cans

milk containers

glass food jars

bottles with screw tops
junk mail
empty aerosol cans
dry food boxes
aluminum foil
juice containers
glass beverage bottles
PETE#1 bottles or HDPE#2 jugs #3,#4,#5, #6,#7 plastic generated from INSIDE the home
brown paper bags

shoe boxes

clean disposable baking pans

ice cream containers




What Not to Recycle
Refer to the list below. Direct any questions concerning recyclables to Waste Management.
Aluminum (sheets,siding) not curbside Packing material (peanuts, bubble wrap, sheeting)
Diapers Pet food bags
Dinner (frozen) trays Pie trays
Foil juice bags Plastic bags
Garden hoses Plastic toys
Liners (wax or plastic) Rubber bands
PVC Styrofoam

Service Map
View and/or print the service map for Litchfield Park resident refuse and recycling.
Blue: trash pick up on Monday and Thursday; recycling pick up Thursday
Green: trash pick up on Tuesday and Friday; recycling pick up Tuesday
Red:  trash pick up on Monday and Thursday; recycling pick up on Monday

Holiday Collection Schedule
View and/or print the 2020 Holiday Collection Schedule for Litchfield Park resident refuse and recycling.

Live Tree Recycling
The City provides an annual live Christmas tree recycling drop off location in the parking lot west of City Hall. Residents can drop off their live trees the first Saturday in January in the designated area. Please call 623-935-5033 for additional details.