Post-Tension Foundation Plan

The following items must be shown, detailed and/or noted on the “post-tension foundation plan”:

***Please Note: It is the owner and/or building contractor’s responsibility to provide a method of termite control in compliance with section R320.

Must be drawn to scale and dimensioned.

Must match the “site plan” and “floor plan” configuration.

Lots to be graded to drain surface water away from foundation walls at a minimum fall slope of 6 inches within the first 10 feet (section R401.3, I.R.C., see exception).

Termite treatment specified (section R320).

Subgrade preparation specified (per “soil’s investigation report”).

A “soils investigation (geotechnical) report” is required, with a maximum soil bearing capacity and required site preparation as recommended by the report.

For an engineered “post-tension” foundation design, the following must be shown on the drawings:
  • Foundation plan stamped and signed by design engineer.
  • All “post-tension” specifications and requirements, including concrete compressive strength specifications and special inspection(s) requirements.
  • Proposed footing/foundation slab design, including thickness and depth of embedment, must match the design recommendations of the “soils investigation (geotechnical) report”.
  • Engineered penetration detail(s) through “post-tension” footing/foundation slab, including required clearances between tendons and penetrations.
  • Shearwall locations, with holdowns and special anchors noted by size and manufacturer’s model type/number. See “Lateral Design.”
  • Garage floor sloped to opening or drain (section R309.3).
  • Special concrete slab conditions (i.e. steps, curbs, control joints and recessed areas-including recessed shower stall).