City Adopted Amendments to the International Residential Code (I.R.C.), 2012 Edition

***Please note: These amendments will affect residential building permits that are issued with an "issued on" date of May 1st, 2016 or after.

Also note, the wording of the items listed below is not the City's codified building regulation, but rather a shortened paraphrase of the actual building code amendment.

Always refer to the current adopted International Codes and the related City building code amendments, City Ordinance Number 16-210, for accuracy of the written codified building regulation. For building permit questions, along with questions concerning the building permit application process, please visit our new "Guidelines When Building Within The City" webpage.

The following is a partial list of City adopted amendments to the International Residential Code (I.R.C.), 2006 Edition.

Section R105.2, Work Exempt From Permit (item 7)

Section R105.2, “Work exempt from permit,” I.R.C., has been changed to not allow any prefabricated swimming pool 18 inches or more in depth without first obtaining a building permit.

*** Please note: With a required building permit, all “pool barrier” regulations will be enforced. In addition, the City recommends that extreme caution be exercised in the monitoring and the use of any size and depth of prefabricated swimming pool structure.

*** Also note: To encourage water safety in our community, the City has a ”Parks and Recreation” website listing information regarding available youth and adult swimming lessons, CPR certification classes, etc.

Section R105.2, Work Exempt From Permit (item 2)

Section R1-5.2, "Work exempt from permit," I.R.C., has been changed to now require a building permit for the construction of all fences.

Section AG105.2, Outdoor Swimming Pool (Spa and/or Hot Tub), (item 9)

Section AG105.2, "Outdoor swimming pool (spa and/or hot tub)," I.R.C., has been changed requiring all exterior doors (swing, sliding, etc.) with direct access to a swimming pool (spa and hot tub) area be self-closing with self-latching devices located at least 54 inches above the threshold of the door.

Section R305.1, Minimum Height

Section R305.1, "Minimum Height," I.R.C., has been changed for new construction, requiring a minimum 7-foot 6-inch ceiling height in all "habitable' rooms.

Section R306.4, Water Supply to Fixtures

Section R306.4, "Water supply to fixtures," I.R.C., has been changed for new construction, requiring a 125-volt, 15 ampere-rated receptacle outlet under each bathroom lavatory to allow for the operation of a point-of-service hot water recirculating pump.

***Please note: If a central hot water recirculating pump is installed at the time of the final inspection, the outlets will not be required.

Section R309.1, Opening Protection

In addition to the requirements of section R309.1, "Opening protection," I.R.C., the garage door between the garage and the residence must also be self-closing and self-latching.

Section R313, Smoke Alarms

In addition to the other smoke alarm "location" regulations, smoke alarms are required where adjacent ceiling heights vary 24 inches or more, or where door openings and archways drop down 24 inches or more from the adjoining ceiling height.

Section G2406.2, Prohibited Locations (Gas Appliances)

Section G2406.2 "Prohibited locations (gas appliances), " I.R.C., item 5, which appears as an exception to the requirements of this section will no longer be allowed to be used.

Section N1102.4.3, Recessed Lighting

All recessed lighting fixtures must be listed and labeled "IC-rated."

Section 108.4, Work Commencing Before Permit Issuance

In addition to the current add-on fee for doing construction work without an issued building permit, this section amendment adds an additional $100.00 per day fee if after 30 days the building permit has still not been applied for.

***Please Note: This would apply to both commercial and residential building projects, reference the amendment to section 101.1, "Title," I.B.C.