The annual budget is approved by City Council and is the primary financial plan followed by the City each year. The City's fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30.

FY2022 Approved Budget (PDF)
FY2022 Tentative Budget (PDF)
FY2021 Approved Budget (PDF)
FY 2021 Tentative Budget (PDF)
FY 2020 Approved Budget (PDF)
FY 2020 Tentative Budget  (PDF)
FY 2019 Approved Budget (PDF)
FY 2019 Tentative Budget  (PDF)
FY 2018 Approved Budget (PDF)
FY 2018 Tentative Budget  (PDF)

Additional Budgets can be viewed in the Archive Center

​Five Year Capital Plan 

The Five Year Capital plan is a long-term financial planning tool.  Of the Five Year Capital Plan, the first year of the plan becomes the adopted capital budget and the plan will be updated annually.

FY2022 Approved Budget (PDF)

Street Light Improvement District (SLID) Budgets

The City has three street light improvement districts within the City limits.  SLID 1 is located in the Village at Litchfield Park, encompassing the southern village area.  SLID 2 consists of the central area of the city including the resort, central businesses, and a large portion of the central residences.  SLID 3 is the northern area of the Village at Litchfield Park.  All property owners within each SLID are collectively assessed each year to cover the cost of lighting within the districts, as billed by Arizona Public Service.

FY 2022 SLID Budget (PDF)
FY 2021 SLID Budget (PDF)
FY 2020 SLID Budget  (PDF

Village at Litchfield Park Community Facility District (CFD) Budgets

The Village at Litchfield Park CFD was formed to finance the infrastructure for the Village at Litchfield Park.  Annually, the City is required to adopt a budget and related assessment on property owners in the district that covers the cost of the debt service.   The debt is due to be paid off on July 15, 2026.  

FY 2022 CFD Budget (PDF)
FY 2021 CFD Budget (PDF)
FY 2020 CFD Budget (PDF)